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The Bearded

Old and blue for the new

Knoxville's Own

Coming like itinerant workers from all over the country The Bearded have gathered in east Tennessee, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, to form a brand new sounding old time string and rhythm band. The undeniably infectious groove of old time dance music and swing blues are seamlessly blended and guaranteed to produce a pleasing effect. While they have a endless supply of traditional tunes the Bearded's repertoire is mostly original music. Is it old or is it new? With The Bearded it may be hard to tell.

The Bearded Are:

Kyle Campbell: vocals, mandolins, guitar, lap dulcimer, trumpet, baritone horn and lead kazoo.

Chris Zuhr: double bass and vocals.

Phil Pollard: drums, percussion, and vocals.

Matt Morelock: banjos, ukelele, jaw harp, slide whistle and vocals.

Martin McBrearty:harmonica

T.J. Jones: jug, washboard, rythm kazoo, resonator guitar and vocals.

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Blues in a Bottle

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Blues in a Bottle is the first song on The Bearded's new cd "A-No.1" available at One Vision Plaza in Knoxville, TN, Pick n' Grin Music ( and Disc Exchange South and West.